⛅ Harvest, Forecast & Slack extra tools

Some tools to improve the use of ⛅ Forecast and Harvest, and connect them to Slack.

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Main features

Forecast reminder
Slack Forecast reminder

Set up and configure a Slack reminder for your organization's Forecast. Each day, your team will get a nicely formatted notification directly in the Slack Channel of your choice.

Public Forecast
Public Forecast

Share your Forecast outside of your organization, for a specific client or project. In a living organization, forecasts tend to change and be adapted. Share the live status of your Forecast with your clients!

Stand-up meeting reminder
Stand-up meeting reminder

Configure per-channel stand-up meeting reminder, to ping in Slack the right people, every morning when it is time for the meeting. Get your team do its daily scrum!

Invoicing process
Strong invoicing process

Get insights while invoicing! These tools help compare Forecast schedules and Harvest timesheets. Also, you will notice when invoices do not match your contractual requirements.

Mass imports
Mass insert time entries

Mass insert timesheet and forecast entries, for several people at once. This can be useful to schedule public holidays, for example, and save the pain of repeating the same operation many times.

Harvest timesheet Slack reminders
Slack Timesheets reminders

At the beginning of each month, automatically send a gentle Slack direct message to ask your team to fill the incomplete timesheets and allow to copy timesheets from the Forecast schedule to Harvest timesheets.

Harvest timesheet cleanup
Harvest and Forecast cleanup

List and archive outdated projects and clients, for which there has not been any recent activity.

Billable reports
Billable reports

Display a schedule of your team occupancy ratio and billable time. Optimize your team's time and get insights on your business.


Which data do you collect and store?

The only thing that we store is your Harvest/Forecast/Slack tokens, which are solely used at run time to perform the features of this tool. Our website only uses Forecast or Harvest APIs at the time of sending Slack reminders, stand-up reminders, or when running an invoicing process.

Some of the data retrieved from Harvest APIs is temporarily cached in redis, in order to make the app less APIs-dependant, but it is a short-lived cache that is cleared upon logout.

There is no usage tracker on this website.

What is your commitment for privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. Shortly said, we do only store the strictly required information to deliver our service. We do not and will never share any of your information to others, except required to by law. There is no usage tracker on this website.

You can read our detailed Privacy Policy for detailed explanations.

Which libraries do you use to talk with Harvest, Forecast and Slack?

We use three PHP libraries: forecast-php-api, harvest-php-api and slack-php-api. All three are based on OpenAPI specifications and generated using an open-source software crafted by JoliCode, Jane.

While Forecast does not have a public API, the Harvest client must be, at the time of writing, one of the most complete, exhaustive and up-to-date API client for Harvest.

Can I run this software on my own server?

Yes, it is free software. Go ahead and use it: Forecast tools on Github.

How reliable is this software?

We have built these tools for our own use and we use it on a daily basis, which means that we do our best for these tools to work. However, we do not provide professional support for these tools. See our Terms of Service for detailed explanations.


This software is written by JoliCode, a French web development company. The illustrations on this page are provided free of charge by Sleekbundle in the Pulse illustration kit.

We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Harvest or Slack, were you kidding?

You can contact us at forecast-tools@jolicode.com.